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Swimwear & Activewear Fabric Fat Quarters Grab Bag Bundle

Swimwear & Activewear Fabric Fat Quarters Grab Bag Bundle

$ 32.00

Listing is for 8 Fat Quarters of assorted swimwear and/or activewear fabrics. 

All the fabrics will come labeled. These fat quarter bundles are also extremely helpful for customers to familiarize themselves with the swimwear and activewear fabric offerings available in the shop. This will allow you to sample some of our selections without committing to large quantities.

This is also a great stash builder for swimwear and/or activewear sewing patterns that require combo fabrics in small quantities. 

Each fat quarter will measure around 18" x 20-28" and is handpicked by us. Some cuts of fabrics may have strange measurements. 

You can receive any of the following fabrics:

  • Athletic Mesh
  • Reflective Sportswear Fabric
  • Textured Sportswear Fabric
  • Nylon/Spandex Sports Lycra Fabric
  • Polyester/Spandex Sports Lycra Fabric
  • Ribbed Swim/Activewear Fabric
  • Recycled Swimwear Fabric (eco-friendly!)
  • Solid Swim Lycra Fabric
  • Printed Swim Lycra Fabric
  • Swim Lining Fabric
  • ...and other one off cuts of swimwear and/or activewear fabrics that may come from sample yardage so the prints/colors/texture may be few of a kind!

Please note you may receive two of the same fabrics, but the print or color will be different for each one. 

Great way to stock up on swimwear/activewear fabrics at a discount.

Limited quantities available. 

****Note: Please do not request for specific materials. Grab bags are already pre-made with whatever materials were available at the time. Grab bags are sold at such a discount because they are left over materials. If you are in need of a specific fabric, I recommend you buy those materials directly. Thank you for understanding.****