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Five Dollars Lingerie Supplies Grab Bag

Five Dollars Lingerie Supplies Grab Bag

$ 5.00

These $5.00 can contain any of the following:

*Stretch Laces 
*Mixed Hooks & Eyes
*Fat Quarters of remanent fabrics (mesh, power mesh, milliskin, silk jersey, bra tulle, etc.)

This is an inexpensive way to stock some materials for tester bra or underwear projects! Please note that every grab bag is different and may not include all of the above mentioned items. 

The length of the materials can vary--can be a few inches, can bey longer than 1 YD.

Short pieces of elastics can be pieced together and used for tester bras. Here is a video guide on on piecing together elastic. 

*****NOTE***** This is not a full bra kit or underwear kit. You will have to supplement other trims or notions to make an entire bra or underwear. This is a stash building item.

Items may have slight discoloring or tiny marks or small runs.


Limited quantities available.

Because there are a large number of items in the grab bags, they will NOT be labeled.

****Note: Please do not request for specific materials. Grab bags are already pre-made with whatever materials were available at the time. Grab bags are sold at such a discount because they are left over materials. If you are in need of a specific fabric or notion or finding, I recommend you buy those materials directly. Thank you for understanding.****