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Digital Dress Forms

Digital Dress Forms

The Digital Dress Forms are a FREE resource designed to make it easy for you to sketch your design ideas or do quick garment renderings. Use them to help plan your wardrobe makes, next fashion collection, and more. 

Digital Dress Form - Analog

Print out the Dress Forms and draw on them analog style or use tracing paper to use the Dress Forms underneath as a guide when making sketches.

Digital Dress Form Analog

Or you can drop the Digital Dress Forms into your favorite digital rendering program of choice (Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, etc), add a new layer and start sketching away.

Digital Dress Form - Photoshop

Some ways to use the Digital Dress Forms:

  • Fashion Design Student: Plan and sketch your next collection with the aid of these templates.
  • Bespoke Lingerie Designer: Quickly render designs with the Digital Dress Forms to share and review with your clients.
  • Home Sewist: Use the Digital Dress Form templates to help develop a plan of action for sewing your Capsule Wardrobe.
  • Pattern Designer/Company: Brainstorm new designs using the templates to help create your next pattern or pattern collection.

We would LOVE to see your creations. Use the following hashtags so we can find your lovely sketches and renderings:


 Download Digital Dress Form