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Swimwear Sewing Planner

Hi guys! I'm so excited to present the Swimwear Sewing Planners! Availabe in two colorways (nautical or summery) AND in two sizes (6"x9" or 8"x10").

One of the most common feedback that I received for the Lingerie Sewing Planner is the wish for dedicated space to draw/sketch out project ideas.


I could not think of a way to incorporate that into the 6" x 9" planner size without the Project Plan pages feeling too cluttered, so my solution was to come out with two planner sizes for the swimwear sewing planner.

The key difference between the two sizes is that the 8" x 10" planner has a space for your project sketches/drawings. 


I developed this planner as a tool for sewists to plan and keep track of their swimwear sewing projects.


The planner includes the following pages: 

  • This Planner Belongs To
  • Inspiration
  • My Goals
  • Measurements
  • Swimwear Stitches Reference
  • Project Plan
  • Blank Notes


Set your swimwear sewing goals and intentions with the help of the Inspiration and My Goals pages included at the beginning of the planner.


Record commonly used sewing machine stitches in the Swimwear Stitches Reference page.


Please note that there are some layout and design differences between the 6"x9" and 8"x10" sizes. You can preview the planner interior for both sizes before purchasing it on

And speaking of Amazon. As with my other planners (Lingerie Sewing Planner, Lingerie Fabrics & Trims Swatch Journal), I am not carrying inventory so these books are published through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Program. That means you can order a copy and Amazon will print and put one together for you! 

What's really cool about this is that you can order this book on or or depending on where you are located! This will allow you to order and get the book printed and shipped more locally to save on postage costs! 🙌

Below are the links to each size and colorway.

6 x 9 SIZE


For the nautical colorway in 6" x 9" size, you can get the book here: 


For the summery colorway in 6" x 9" size, you can get the book here: 

8 x 10 SIZE


For the nautical colorway in 8" x 10" size, you can get the book here: 


For the summery colorway in 8" x 10" size, you can get the book here: 

This was a super fun project to put together and I hope you find this product useful! ❤️