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25 YDS of Assorted Lingerie Elastic & Trims Grab Bag

25 YDS of Assorted Lingerie Elastic & Trims Grab Bag

$ 20.00

Listing is for 25 YDS of assorted lingerie elastic and trims.

The grab bag can contain any of the following elastics and/or trims:

*picot elastic
*strap elastic
*foldover elastic
*narrow lace stretch trim
*channeling/wire casing
*narrow elastic
*....and other lingerie trim goodies!

Elastics or trims are in random lengths, all starting from 1 YD. They can be 1.25 YD or 2.5 YDS or even 5 YDS in length. You will receive 25 YDS of assorted elastics and trims per grab bag. 

You may receive the same elastic or trim twice, but in different lengths. 

Great way to stock up on lingerie elastics and trims at a discount.

****Note: Please do not request for specific materials. Grab bags are already pre-made with whatever materials were available at the time. Grab bags are sold at such a discount because they are left over materials. If you are in need of a specific fabric, I recommend you buy those materials directly. Thank you for understanding.****